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It’s all in the “Smile” ♥

Oct 4th, 2016

Category: Dating

It’s all in the “Smile” ♥

We all love to have someone we think is attractive to smile at us, until they do and you see they have yellow teeth, broken teeth or even missing teeth (just kidding there) but seriously how many of us thought someone was really nice looking only to be let down when they smile….. Now that can make it or break it on getting a first date! Here’s a few “inexpensive” quick fixes until you can get into the dentist for further improvement on the most important part of your “1st Impression”.

1.  ALWAYS brush your teeth, nothing is a quicker turn off than seeing what you had for lunch in between your top front teeth, pocket a small package of floss (make a quick trip to the bathroom to get rid of any left overs)

2.  WHITEN your teeth!!! Another big turnoff is to get that smile only to see yellow teeth, definitely takes away from those good looks that caught our attention.  Try the Crest White Strips as a quick fix, and if you can fit in a quick trip to the dentist, go in for a professional whiten  up to take those teeth to pearly whites. Have a chipped front tooth, bond it – quick & easy and less expensive than a veneer or crown!   Need a great dentist? We have an affiliate that we love and highly recommend…Our own CEO Dejuan Miller has been a fan since day one! They make you very comfortable, little to no pain, excellent at what she does and some of the best tunes! Dr. Dimple Patel cares about her patients, beautiful heart and soul!  Tell her Heartbeat Matchmaker referred you.

3.  SMILE…. Please don’t forget to use your best asset… your smile, and even better if you get a smile back.  Next step is to introduce yourself – that may be your only shot of meeting someone that catches your eye!

Here is Dr. Dimple Patel link – check her out you will be very happy √

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