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The new “Single” and dating in today’s social media “bar”

Jan 12th, 2017

Category: Dating

The new “Single” and dating in today’s social media “bar”

Single and Dating in today’s generation is TOTALLY different than when I was in college and prior to being married, well this is 30 years later and social media has hit us like a Tsunami… WHAT DO WE DO NOW?  What happened to asking for a phone number and CALLING them to ask for a date? Is this now extinct??? I truly believe we need to bring this back around and make it “PERSONAL”, cut off social media contact and get to know each other face to face… organically grow the relationship. I have found what is seen in pictures or written in words can often be misconstrued so many different ways and can end a “possibility of a relationship” in a Heartbeat! Keep it “REAL”, make the call, hear the excitement and build on that…  just between you two ♥


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