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Loving The Idea Of Love

Sep 19th, 2016

Category: Love and Dating

Loving The Idea Of Love

I distinctly remember laying on my stomach on the floor of my living room watching “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” and thinking to myself how nice it would be to be in love. I mean of course the movie is a RomCom and there are lots of laughs but in the fun, falling in love, laughter kind of way. That was only about 13 years ago…


These days it’s easier to see the “movie” kind of love only in the movies.

No one really tells you the difficulties in finding Mr or Mrs Right, or what to do when you face challenges in a relationship or just having expectations from someone you haven’t even mentioned to them yet.

So, it’s funny seeing the title “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” because in this busy, fast-paced, on to the next thing, world we live in, 10 days is even a stretch. Sometimes, you can’t even give 1 person a real chance for a whole 10 days. Your attention span won’t last that long.

Here’s some Monday Motivation for you;

Get out there!
Give someone a chance!
Go on the date with the guy who has asked you out a dozen times.
Take the girl that is perfect “meet the parents” quality, to coffee.
Stop wasting time trying to change the bad boy.
Stop wasting time trying to fix him.
Stop making excuses.
Stop loving the “idea” of love.
Love isn’t just in the movies!

Your “person” is out there waiting to find you, but you have to be out there in order for that to happen.

XOXO Whitney

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