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How to Look & Feel a better “YOU”, without breaking the bank! Update look: Wardrobe, HairCut, Whiten teeth to Botox, Fillers, or Plastic Surgery with Dr. John Symbas

Jul 21st, 2016

Category: Dating

How to Look & Feel a better “YOU”, without breaking the bank! Update look: Wardrobe, HairCut, Whiten teeth to Botox, Fillers, or Plastic Surgery with Dr. John Symbas

Time to time we will suggest things to update our clients looks, whether it be from a wardrobe change, updating your look with fresh makeup, hair cut, to whitening their teeth.  These tips are from our class we do on “How to feel & look a better “YOU” without breaking the bank!  Some things could be a $30 blouse to a $100 color and cut or $25 teeth whitening strips from the local drug store.  We also go further than that based on what it is you really want for yourself.  Let’s say the next step would to help eliminate some of the lines in your face, well that could be a easy fix with botox and fillers.  OR what if you wanted to do something more extensive with your face or body then that would involve plastic surgery, then it can be more costly but not necessarily break the bank!  At Heartbeat Matchmaker we have done the research on our affiliates and fully promote and recommend them to our clients.

This letter is from one of our Clients going through Relationship Coaching:

So many things in life can affect how we feel and how we feel can affect how we look to others… Trust me I know, I have been on the receiving end of “are you alright? you look tired, or even the you look like you should be in bed” and in all seriousness when this was said, I knew exactly what they meant.  I was at a low point of feeling, okay life where are you???

During one of my relationship coaching classes, I was giving a short test and I was surprised with the results.  I just didn’t feel attractive! Mostly I thought was because of  the clothes I wore, but then I thought it didn’t matter because I was always self conscious about my breast! I kept thinking I just needed to go buy new clothes again but can you believe it, that never did the trick!  I never had thought about having any type of Plastic Surgery before but based on my Q & A on “How to feel and look a better “YOU” without breaking the bank, it seemed I actually was opened to it!  Now mind you it was not a full blown out facelift and tummy tuck that I am talking about, but wait… it did reveal that I would do something more than just botox for my face … I wanted to do something about my over endow breasts!  You see it was more than always having a hard time finding clothing without looking like they (my breast) were on display all the time.  What I realized even more was the back aches, sometimes extreme pain they caused me, showed on my outward appearance, in my face and body language.  Here I am early 40’s, single and knew now that when I hurt, others could tell… I need to do something about it, not for anyone else, but for me! I figured the least that would come out of it, I would feel better.  Plus I should add, if I felt better surely I would look better!

I trust the staff at Heartbeat Matchmaker because I have learned so much from them!  There is so much that goes into relationships, things you personally wouldn’t think of,  but once explained, make perfect sense!  Heartbeat Matchmaker team also gives you recommendations on affiliates they strongly stand behind.  They never recommend anyone that they personally have not used and seen their work.  I was getting excited and this put me even more at ease!

Heartbeat Matchmaker team highly recommended for me to go meet with Dr. John Symbas of Piedmont Hospital (Plastic surgeon and Breast Surgery) Some of Heartbeat Matchmaker clients see him for more than Plastic Surgery … it can be for Botox, Fillers, scar revisions!  They raved about his talent, so I went.  Here I am 3 months later, to tell you I now know 1st hand why they love him! My breast reduction went off without a hitch (other than a little pain the first week) I am over the moon ecstatic about how I FEEL and LOOK!  Dr. Symbas has another patient that LOVES him! I have already told 4 other friends about him… Thank you Heartbeat Matchmaker, you all know what you are talking about!

Piedmont Hospital Specializes in Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgery
Piedmont Hospital
Specializes in Plastic Surgery, Breast Surgery

I wanted to give another update since my surgery.  I thought since I was very happy with the results of my breast reduction, I decided to try to get rid of or soften the stress lines around my eyes and lips.   I almost feel like Dr. Symbas is an artist, his expertise surpasses any thing I have seen!  Everyone compliments me now on the smile always on my face plus how youthful I look!   People ask was it expensive… I tell them it’s relative to what you have done or are trying to do and that cost over time has it given you the results you wanted?  At the end of the day, it was worth every penny spent,  not only do I feel better, I look better!  Now that I feel attractive,  I have started to date once again… Ok life there you are!!!

Best always,




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