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Whitney Miller (Director of Client Relations & Senior Matchmaker) on Air today at 11:00am – WAEC Love 860

Jan 12th, 2017

Category: Dating

Whitney Miller (Director of Client Relations & Senior Matchmaker) on Air today at 11:00am – WAEC Love 860

Tune in to hear our own Whitney Miller, Heartbeat Matchmaker Director of Client Relations and Senior Matchmaker.  She will be on Air this morning: Thursday January 12th at 11:00am, Station WAEC Love 860! She will be answering all types of questions regarding Love, Dating, Relationships… and more about Heartbeat Matchmaker, what makes us so successful, and how you too can benefit from any of our services.  We offer Relationship Coaching, Dating guidance, Write or Re-write your online profiles (even become your matchmaker for online dating) and of course Matchmaking in the real world ♥

What makes Heartbeat Matchmaker the best choice for you? Check us out, we believe our stellar reputation, integrity and success speaks for itself.   Our team at Heartbeat is fully invested in doing their part in making every client a happy client.  You will find that all of us love what we do, very driven, genuine, and eager to help you find your happy ever after.

Heartbeat Matchmaker is very selective on their clients, we don’t take just anyone and everyone.  This is more than a business to us, we “LOVE”  helping others find LOVE,  our clients have to be as vested as we are, and be willing to listen and learn – have an open mind, open heart and open to LOVE.

Obviously what you are doing now is not working, so why not come to the professionals at Heartbeat Matchmaker?  We are Experienced, Confidential and most importantly Successful.   Now with all that being said, there are no guarantees in Love, but we do guarantee we will give 100% to make that happen.   We are not in it just for financial gain, nor are we in it to set you up with just anyone… we LOVE our success stories… we LOVE LOVE, so you will only be introduced to those we feel you could fall in love with ♥

We do charge for our initial interview, we feel everyone should have a financial stake in their happiness, plus it holds them accountable.   The interview is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and fee is normally $350, but right now we have a Valentines Special for $250 that will end on February 14th – definitely something worth taking advantage of.  We have a wide range of services we offer: Relationship Coaching, Dating guidance, Online presence (profile re-write) and Matchmaking.  We discuss fees during the interview, it could be Basic or it could be VIP Premier that can run much higher depending on the time and level of work.  We don’t just take your money and send you on your way, we’re very hands on and spend in depth time  getting to know you and vice versa, not to mention you will have a small homework assignment  (don’t worry it’s not like going back to college).  We are an upscale boutique business and only work with a certain amount of clients at one time, giving everyone personal time.  We now have a working relationship with 8 other matchmakers across the U.S. and one from London, who have asked for our help with their challenging clients, we have been successful in that area as well.  Not only do we have a huge database, we can also tap into those Matchmakers databases, expanding our possibilities.

Heartbeat Matchmaker feels, because we are so selective on who become clients,  that we have the best!!! ♥

NOW… to give you a teaser… were are going to be promoting a new dating app very soon – one that puts you two meeting each other right away! STAY TUNED, many more great things coming in 2017!!! ♥

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Wishing everyone love always ♥

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