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CEO and Professional Matchmaker, Dejuan Miller, lives her life in the pursuit of love and charity. She is a relationship expert and matchmaker whose contagious energy and continuous enthusiasm fuels the Heartbeat team. Not only does Dejuan lead the Heartbeat Matchmaking team in all of its endeavors, she also consistently gives back to her community.

“I have dedicated my life to serve people. I help my clients fall in love and I help positively transform my community – I’m in it until death do us part and there’s no stopping me.”

Her experienced background in Public Relations, Marketing and Private Investigation leverages her very successful matchmaking career. For over 30 years, Dejuan has proven to be known as the Headhunter of the Heart and being experienced, successful and confidential. Her keen intuition and experience has lead to over 100 happily married couples and more than 450 successful matches.  She is Atlanta’s premier matchmaker, exceeding her clients’ expectations.

Dejuan will prove to you that love still exists. She will not only transform your perspective, she will transform your life.


“I don’t care who you are or what you have- its all about who you are on the inside… your heart.”