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love_word_couple Heartbeat Matchmaker’s services focuses on successful, career minded individuals who are acclimated in achieving their professional goals, yet need support in finding their soul mate. However, not everyone is a fit for Heartbeat’s unique matchmaking approach.  Dejuan is very selective with her clientele. All prospective clients undergo in depth interviewing along with intense screenings, including background checks, which ensures all of our clients’ safety. Because Dejuan’s most valued virtue in her prospective clients is integrity, only those men and women with integrity, sincerity and desire in finding marriage are accepted as within Heartbeat Matchmaker clientele.   The staff at Heartbeat Matchmaker understands it is challenging to find a relationship, whether in social atmospheres and even digitally. Therefore, the company tailors its services to each and every client, spending an extensive amount of time getting to know your passions, your desires and what you yearn for in a soul mate.   In addition, Heartbeat offers more than just matchmaking.  Our premium services provide valuable tools that ensure you are represented in the very best light to your potential matches. These tools include classes and programs on self-improvement, relationship coaching, dating fundamentals and image consulting. All of our classes and programs are designed to boost your self-confidence in all aspects in your search for love. We give you the tools you need to be successful, guiding you through dating to marriage.   In all, Heartbeat Matchmaker eliminates your effort, cost and time in finding your soul mate. We are the best in class and we have the integrity and passion to take your love life to a new level. We invite you to take your first step at in making your heart beat again by calling us at (404) 536-1046.

“Heartbeat Matchmaker is your fast track to ‘happy ever after’” ~ Dejuan Miller


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You are already focused and successful in your professional life, yet the magical relationship of your dreams still eludes you. You have much that brings you happiness, but you still want to share it with someone you love.  Finding the right partner for a serious relationship requires much of your time, money, effort and attention.  Therefore, Heartbeat Matchmaker is your premier and ideal choice.  Hiring Dejuan and Heartbeat Matchmaker as your personal dating consultants and matchmaker ensures your valuable assets such as time, money and effort are not wasted, especially on relationships with people who are not a match. Isn’t it time to take finding a partner as serious as the other successful aspects of your life? Contact us today and get on the path to filling that void in your life once and for all!

Heartbeat Matchmaker saves you time, money and effort in your search for a lasting relationship.


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